For those members who were not particularly interested in sport, there were plenty of other activities in which to participate. From drama to dance, and from photography to art. There was something for everybody, so there was no time to sit around and get bored.  

For senior members, every evening after activities and assembly, there were “Socials”, when you could dance to the latest records, show off the latest dance moves and lose the inhibitions of talking to the opposite sex. Then, of course, there were the Sunday night dances, with live bands and singers. And who can ever forget Screamin’ Lord Such, Buster Meikel and the Daybreakers – two of which went off to join The Kinks - and the greatest coup of all, Jimmy Hendrix. Then, of course, there was the small matter of hiring a group called The Beatles to do a gig for us. Whatever happened to them?

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