The Bradian’s Trust will consider applications to a maximum amount of £5,000 per annum. The Trust will consider second year funding, on completion of a report on the first year grant (details below) and a second year application.

The Trust meets to discuss and award grants once per year in August. Decisions will be made and communicated within two months of the closing date.

 The next Trustee’s meeting to consider grant applications will be in August 2020. 

Applications for the next funding round will be accepted from 1st June 2020. The final date for applications for this meeting will be 31st July 2020.

Decisions will be communicated to applicants by 30th September 2020.

Please note the Trust is unable to fund revenue or salaries.

It is a requirement of this fund that you submit a report after your funded activities have completed. We will write to you with information about this report towards the end of the funding period.

All applications should be submitted using the form below filling in the relevant sections and using N/A where applicable. Please note that you cannot save the form on this website and fill it in over several sessions, therefore we have provided it as a Word document for you to download here so that you can complete it offline and email a copy to

Address *
Name of contact for this application *
Name of contact for this application
Please confirm all necessary health and safety matters have been completed and if applicable, staff have the necessary DBS check. *
Date *

Any surplus grant must be returned to Bradians Trust as soon as possible and may not be used for other purposes.

If you are a contact person using your personal contact details, (email/postal address/personal phone number), by providing these details you agree to being contacted under the GDPR provisions.

We will require you to provide a short summary statement at the end of the period describing the benefits that the grant enabled you to offer through your project.

It is important to note that the Trustees make this grant offer in good faith and with the intention of it being paid in full. However, they also reserve the absolute right to withdraw, suspend, revise or change payment of the grant at their sole discretion and, in particular as may be necessitated by any change to the financial position of the Trust. In the event of such occurrence howsoever caused or implemented, neither the Trust not the Trustees will be liable to the grant holder (or any other third party thereof) in respect of any past present or future consequence, loss, costs or damage (whether direct, indirect or legal or otherwise in nature) caused or given rise to by such withdrawal, suspension, revision and/or change.