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Welcome to the Official Brady Photographic Archive, where you will find hundreds of photos taken between the 1940s and the late 1970s. With a single click you can be whisked back in time to a land filled with joyous memories, fun, laughter and, on the odd occasion, tears. Whether you’re looking for photos of the club, Skeet, camp or holidays abroad, this is the site for you. And if you look closely enough, there’s a good chance of finding a photograph of yourself or one of your friends.

The initial cache of ‘lost’ photographs had been stored by journalist Hannah Charlton, who collected them while researching material for a project about the East End. They were stored in an attic, and forgotten about for some 35 years, but when Hannah rediscovered them, they found their way back to the East End and to Susan Andrews, Reader in Photography at the Sir John Cass Faculty, London Metropolitan University.

Susan organised a small exhibition using some of the material, called ‘Nostalgia is Not Enough’, at the former Cass building opposite the Whitechapel library. You can read more about the exhibition of the collection here.

The Exhibition was seen by a group of old Bradians and a committee was established (see below) to organise an exhibition of the photos and re-establish connections with former Brady Club members. Having secured funding from the Bradians Trust, we are now able to establish this website.

 And with your help, we can build it up into an exciting and ongoing site for both current and future generations to enjoy. The initial content is a greatly expanded selection from the cache of ‘lost’ photos that formed the basis of the Brady Photographic Exhibition, held at the London Metropolitan University building in Aldgate during May 2018. Many visitors to the exhibition commented on their own collection of photographs and memorabilia from their time at Brady, and so there is much more we can add to the site, enabling you to come back and re-visit the photos and other details on a regular basis. We have a database of potential further material, which needs to be scanned and digitised, before adding to the collection. 

However, we want to constantly add to the content, so if you have photos or memorabilia, please let us know at bradpacom@gmail.com and we can arrange to receive the photos etc. from you, process them, and return the originals back to you. 

The best form of publicity is by word of mouth, (and social media), so do let your Bradian contacts know where to find this site, and so help us to grow.

Further photographs and memorabilia can also be found at Bancroft Road Library. Please do call them in advance if you wish to visit on 020 7364 1290.

The members of the Brady Photographic Archive committee are:-

Susan Andrews, Dennis Bonley, Paul Brent, Yvonne Brent, Sandra Dryer, Carol Levene, Eric Levene, Manny Robinson, Freddie Shaw, Sandra Shaw and Mike Yershon (not everyone was available for this photoshoot! Our apologies - if you really want to see what they look like, drop us a line!).

The Brady Photographic Exhibition Committee. Photo taken by Shanette Savage.

The Brady Photographic Exhibition Committee. Photo taken by Shanette Savage.