The first Brady Club for Working Lads, was established in 1896, in Durward Street, driven by Lady Rothschild and other wealthy ‘West End Jews’ who wanted to improve the social quality of life and help to Anglicise the ‘East End’ boys, who came mainly from East European refugee families, and whose lingua franca was Yiddish.

In 1925, Miriam Moses established the Girls Club, and in 1935 the girls moved to the building in Hanbury Street, and in 1960 the Boys Club moved from Durward Street to amalgamate with the Girls club in the Hanbury Street building 

This archive of photographs is based on a cache of several hundred photographs that had been ‘lost’ for many years and were recently rediscovered in a loft.

The photos are from the 1940s to the late 1970s. We hope to add to this archive with contributions from former Brady Club members, and the children of former members.

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